A new beginning
14 aprile 2022

Who are we?

Sketch.s is an Italian company, born from years of work and experience in the international field and in the largest metropolises: Dubai, Madrid, London, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, Cologne, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Milan, Venice. Our main tasks are design and realization of high-level interiors, stands, exhibitions and showrooms.

Our strengths:

- Speed and efficiency.
- High quality raw materials.
- Assistance at every stage of the project.
- Creativity and elegance.

Our name:

A Sketch is the draft of a visual project, which allows you to characterize the essential elements of a future work.
We chose this name because from sketch to reality is a short step and a completed project takes very little time, thanks to the manpower and skills of our team.
Each project is studied in detail by our employees according to the budget chosen by the customer, but always with creativity and originality.
Our goal is always to satisfy our customers.

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